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OPICO offer a range of seeders and applicators which consist of the Micro-Pro, Variocast Seeder, Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator and seeder range of Air Seeders. 

The Micro-Pro has been developed to enable the accurate application of micro-granules such as Avadex, the Variocast Seeder is perfect for sowing small seeds such as OSR, stubble turnips, kale as well as distributing slug pellets, the Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator's precision application enables the drilled seed to get off to the quickest start (e.g. OSR battle against CSFB), and OPICO's range of pneumatic Air Seeders have been developed to broadcast seed such as grass and clover when mounted to either OPICO Grass Harrows, or any other implement. 

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