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OPICO Specialist Inter/Intra-Row Crop Weeding Machine


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Weeds, when combined with diseases and pests, can reduce yield in vegetable crops by up to 70% by competing for water, soil nutrients, light and space that ultimately restricts the development of the crop.

Furthermore, keeping the weed population down will also reduce the prevalence of pests and disease.

OPICO is the UK supplier of the KULT specialist mechanical weeding machinery for both inter-row and intra-row weeding. OPICO believes the KULT ‘Argus’ system is the ideal base for specialist weeding of small to large scale vegetable, herb and flower production, indeed anywhere close spaced rows are direct seeded or transplanted.

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With many options available, creating a bespoke specialist crop weeding machine requires technical expertise and know how. The process begins with a farm visit to understand the needs and any issues e.g. crop type, soil type, how the crop is grown, how high tech or low tech a solution is being sought.

After this initial visit a proposal is prepared recommending headstock type, share type, guidance system and other installation options. Once the bespoke specification is agreed, OPICO works closely with the factory to deliver and then install and support the machine.

Process of creating a bespoke mechanical weeding machine



Intra-row weeds constitute a major challenge. So, with the aim of minimising laborious hand weeding, KULT has developed a patented cost-effective solution to control weeds between crops in the row. Developed in the early 2000s, KULT finger weeders have become very successful in meeting market requirements.

The finger weeder is either mounted independently on the wheel unit, parallel frame and share assembly or directly to the share frame if space is restricted.

There are a choice of three textile strengths, OPICO specialists will advise which is the best according to soil type and crop.

There are 3 diameters, which fit all applications, of 250mm, 290mm and 370mm. The choice of size is dictated by the width between the crop rows.

KULT Finger Weeders in crop
KULT Finger Weeders in specialist crop
KULT Finger Weeders in crop, close-up image

A bespoke machine for your weed control needs can be supplied as a standard three-point mounted machine with guidance via the tractor steering system or with reactive camera guidance.

Manual Guidance

OPICO KULT Inter/Intra-Row Cultivator, Manual Guidance

There are two options, the tractor driver or the on-board GPS system both work well but accuracy and forward speeds are limited.

The more economic solution is to fit a seat and use a second operator who steers the machine via either mechanical or hydraulic activation. This provides more accurate guidance but again, forward speed is limited

Camera Guidance

OPICO KULT Inter-Row Cultivator, Camera Guidance

The Tillettt and Hague multi-row single camera guidance system can be fitted, depending on usage and working width, to either a KULT parallel frame or a Hatzenbichler side-shift headstock to accurately guide the hoe and allow the operator to work more effectively at higher speeds.

Camera guided machines work closer to the crop and hence provide improved weed control at higher work rates.

A 12m inter-row cultivator for arable work requires a very different headstock to a 6m inter-row cultivator for vegetable work in beds. Whilst we use Tillett and Hague camera guidance technology across the range we offer two different steering headstocks in order to be able to tailor machines to the job in hand. Our Territory Managers will be able to advise on the best solution for your farm.


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 KULT Parallel Frame Guidance Headstock

KULT Parallel Frame Guidance Headstock

1. Potentiometer to ensure precise positioning

2. Tillett and Hague guidance camera

3. KULT Argus parallel frame

Hatzenbichler Hydraulic Side-Shift Guidance Headstock

Hatzenbichler Hydraulic Side-Shift Guidance Headstock

1. Potentiometer to ensure precise positioning

2. Tillett and Hague guidance camera

3. Integrated hydraulic side-shift ram

4. Parallel side-shift rails



KULT Argus machines can be front or rear mounted with working widths from 1½ - 6m. Manual, mechanical or camera guided steering is available as well as a wide range of shares including the traditional duck foot A share, flat A shares, L blades, as well as the patented finger weeders, crop protection shields and discs.

For growers with delicate cropping, such as spinach or small salads, KULT offers high accuracy special shares that allow for gentle movement of the soil for mechanical weed control.



OPICO Inter/Intra Row Weeder working in bed

  • 1m - 6m working widths
  • 8cm row spacings upwards
  • Front or rear mounted
  • Manual, mechanical or camera-guided steering options
  • Wide range of shares; duck foot flat, A share, L blades
  • Wide range of options e.g. crop protection shields and discs
  • Use in conjunction with intra-row finger weeders

EXAMPLE: For Specialist Crops up to 6m working width

Rows Row Width Max. Working Width Parallelograms Frame
4 25-35cm 1.5m 3 Rigid
6 25-33cm 2.0m 5 Rigid
6 25-50cm 3.0m 7 Rigid
6 25-80cm 4.8m 7 Folding
9 25-66cm 6.0m 10 Folding
12 25-50cm 6.0m 13 Folding

Options & Accessories

A comprehensive range of optional extras is available on request. 


Check out our latest brochure by clicking the image below, download is available. 

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