OPICO Limited is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. 

The machinery range includes gas and diesel batch grain dryers, large grassland range of machines, post hole diggers and Avadex applicators, plus many more. 

Knowledge of Grassland and Arable Farming agronomy has also been a focus for OPICO over recent years in order to improve how the machines work and give more benefits to customers. Work with Masstock and Openfield on Oliseed Rape, and Limagrain, Growhow, UPL and ACT on the grassland side has allowed OPICO to learn from the collective sharing of knowledge.

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HE-VA Subsoiler: Cost Effective OSR establishment

Cost effective OSR establishment with HE-VA's subsoiler and OPICO Variocast.

6 weeks ago

OPICO Magna 4810 Automatic dryer

The heart of this state-of-the-art hybrid drying facility is a biomass boiler connected to an OPICO Magna automatic dryer.

13 weeks ago

OPICO Grassland Rejuvenation Machinery - Loweswater lake

Worried about the impact their farms are having on Loweswater lake, a group of farmers is using two OPICO grassland rejuvenation machines to reduce run-off.  

27 weeks ago