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OPICO Grain Dryer Installation Illustration
OPICO Grain Dryer Installation Illustration


OPICO grain dryers offer you unrivalled flexibility to enable you to fit them into many different drying and storage layouts. With a little thought about the flow of wet and dry grain and minimal alterations to existing buildings, an efficient drying process can be set up.

  • When siting your dryer, consider the grain flow around the farm to minimise double handling.
  • Choose a covered, ventilated environment for your dryer.
  • Ideally, face the fan towards the prevailing wind.
  • Take advantage of expert advice when siting the bulk or cylinder LPG supply or diesel storage.
  • Grain is discharged from OPICO dryers at height – use gravity to help you move the grain to where it needs to be.
  • Even in a dry year put your grain through the dryer - it will polish it up and improve its appearance and hectolitre weight.

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