Seeders & Applicators

OPICO offer a range of seeders and applicators consisting of the Micro Pro 8, Micro-Pro 16, Variocast Seeder and the Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator.

Micro Pro

The Micro-Pro has been developed to enable accurate application of micro-granules such as Avadex up to 12m working width when mounted on a variety of implements. It can have 8 outlets (6m spreading width) or 16 outlets (12m spreading width) giving a spacing of 75cm between oulets for a robust double overlapping spread pattern. Each outlet is fed by an individual metering roller ensuring even micro granule distribution across the entire working width.



Variocast Seeder

Low cost seeding with your cultivation equipment, the Variocast can be mounted on any type of implement and used to sow small seeds, such as rape, stubble turnips, kale an others as well as distributing slug pellets.


The Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator has been developed to reduce autumn workloads, allowing operators to apply liquid nitrogen whilst till-seeding OSR.

Air Seeders

Mounted onto Grass Harrows or any other implement, OPICO Air Seeders broadcast seed consistently and evenly, giving complete coverage of the area sown.