A new front linkage for the John Deere 7920 tractor series is now available from OPICO Ltd.

The linkage is available with or without front pto with lift options of 3.6 or 5.5 tons. It fits tractors with or without TLS.

All the existing HE-VA features are included in the intergrated design. For example, the front pto gearbox is capable of delivering up to 200 hp at 1000 rpm, and features an oil immersed multiple plate clutch using electro hydraulic "soft start" engagement to avoid "snatching" when the pto is engaged.

The push bar design gives added strength to the push bar and tractor chassis, while an eccentric pin design gives a choice of three link arm positions to suit the job in hand. The "VFS" vertical foold system allows the link arms to be folded vertically and stored out of the way when not in use.