Launch of fertiliser applicator with front hopper for band-feeding OSR with solid nitrogen fertiliser

At the Cereals Event, OPICO is launching the Nitro-band – a solid fertiliser applicator with a 1230 litre front hopper for distributing fertiliser down the rows when band-seeding oilseed rape. This latest addition to OPICO’s min-till equipment allows cultivation, seeding and feeding to take place in just one pass, saving time and money and improving crop establishment and yield potential.

OPICO’s MD James Woolway explains: “The launch of the Nitro-band solid fertiliser applicator follows the success of the Nitrojet liquid fertiliser applicator launched two years ago.

“Trials and farm experience have proven that OSR crops benefit from a kick-start of fertiliser at the same time as cultivation and seeding. Where crops are sown in bands via min-till cultivation techniques, then precision placement of fertiliser next to the seed will ensure the nutrients are used more efficiently. Ultimately, till-feeding at the same time as till-seeding will save time, boost crop establishment, and allow savings in nitrogen rates and/or higher crop yields.

“With the launch of the Nitro-band, farms which prefer to use solid fertiliser rather than liquid versions, can now also take advantage of till-feeding to improve OSR crop margins.”

The Nitro-band unit is sited on the front of the tractor, and mechanically driven with an infinitely variable application rate via a variator gearbox. It has a hopper capacity of 1230 litres, and a five-outlet model costs £11,563 + VAT (Price for 12/June/2012).  A Nitro-band model is also available on which the variable rate is electronically controlled from the tractor cab, allowing the operator to adjust fertiliser application rates when on the move.