OPICO offers front-mounted slitter

OPICO has updated its range of grassland kit with the introduction of a front-mounted sward slitter model. The machine’s design features a bridge linkage, meaning it is effectively pulled from the front. This will allow the slitter to follow the tractor as its wheels turn, says Opico.

Aside from being front-mounted, this version is almost identical to its rear- mounted stable mate. It keeps the same 3m working width, a weight of 685kg and an 18-rotor axle, with each rotor using four blades for a total of 72. Each blade is chamfered for a clean exit from the soil.

Opico says the machine’s frame comes with a weight rack, meaning spare tractor weights can be added to aid in penetration into tough ground. Skids on each end of the machine limit its working depth, plus help to protect the bearings.

James Woolway of Opico says the sward slitter is designed for the removal of surface compaction and capping, and that for deeper compaction - greater than 12cm - the company’s sward lifter should be used to break up the mineral pan and improve drainage.

Farmers Guardian 7 January 2011 page 15