Ex-demonstration & Shop-soiled Machinery

OPICO Machinery

600L Nitro-jet Integrated Subsoiler Unit

Shop-soiled Integrated 600L for HE-VA subsoiler (manifold kit not included).

Retail £9450

Click here for more Nitro-jet information.

Price £5560 + carriage £100

(Serial No. 014376, Year 2012) Warranty Terms - 12 MONTHS

600L Nitro-Jet

5m Grass Harrow

5m hydraulic folding grass harrow on 7mm tines.

Retail: £4351

Price £3120 + carriage: £100

(Serial No. 0690, Year 2016) Warranty Terms - 12 MONTHS

5M Grass Harrow Hydraulic Folding

3m Slitter

Shop-soiled 3m Slitter.

Retail: £4488

Price 71010515 + carriage £100

(Serial No. 71010515, Year 2016) Warranty Terms - 12 MONTHS

OPICO 3m Sward Slitter

6m Slit Injector

Shop Soiled 6m Slit Injector.

Retail £22779

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Price £13890 + carriage £200

(Serial No. 71020109 & FHC3125-4119, Year 2017) Warranty Terms - 12 MONTHS


OPICO 6m Slit Injector

6m Grass Harrow

Ex-Demo 6m Hydraulic folding (3m) Grass Harrow on 8mm tines (No seeder or pipes)

Retail £4760

Click here for more Grass Harrow information.

Price £3450 + carriage £200

(Serial No. 1405-5/16, Year 2017) Warranty Terms - 6 MONTHS

OPICO 6m Grass Harrow


2.7m Sward Lifter

Ex-Demo 2.7m 3 leg Sward Lifter with s/bolt leg protection.

Retail £7397

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Price £5000 + carriage £100

(Serial No. 710101524, Year 2016) Warranty Terms - 6 MONTHS

OPICO 2.7m Sward Lifter

2.5m Pasture Harrow

Shop soiled 2.5m Pasture Harrow

Retail £4068

Price £2670 + carriage £100

(Serial No. 1858-2/12, Year 2012) Warranty Terms - 6 MONTHS

OPICO 2.5m Pasture Harrow

Terms and Conditions

Ex-demo and Shop-soiled Machinery

1. Machines from the above list will be invoiced through the local dealer.
2. Payment to the local dealer should be made within 7 days of delivery.
3. All Ex-Demonstration and Shop-soiled machines are priced exclusive of VAT.
4. All Ex-Demonstration machines carry a 6 month parts only warranty.
5. All Shop-soiled machines carry a full warranty.
6. If carriage charge is not included this will be added to the price on order.
7. OPICO has the right to change any price of the Ex-Demonstration and Shop-soiled fleet at any time without prior notice.
8. Images may be for illustration purposes only.
9. Serial numbers may have errors.

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