Arable Equipment

OPICO offer a range of arable machinery consisting of the Micro Pro 16, Variocast Seeder, Comb Harrow tined weeder and the Nitro-Jet fertiliser applicator.

Micro Pro 16

The MICRO PRO 16 has been developed to enable accurate application of micro-granules such as Avadex up to 12.3m working widths when mounted on a variety of implements. It has 16 oulets giving a spacing of 75cm between oulets for a robust double overlapping spread pattern. Each outlet is fed by an individual metering roller ensuring even micro granule distribution across the entire working width.

Variocast Seeder

The Variocast Seeder will seed oilseed rape on the back of virtually any cultivator and save you money. It cuts seed rates and establishment costs whilst improving yields - utilise a Variocast to take advantage of Till-Seeding techniques and improve gross margins.

Comb Harrow Tine Weeder

A multipurpose tool, the Comb Harrow consists of fine spring tines, mounted on a contour-flexing frame. Its main use is for weeding crops and reducing chemical costs.

Nitro-Jet Liquid Fertiliser Applicator

The Nitro-Jet Liquid Fertiliser Applicator has been developed to reduce Autumn workloads, allowing operators to apply liquid Nitrogen whilst Till-Seeding their Oilseed Rape.