Launch of new high precision Avadex applicator

Avadex ApplicatorAt LAMMA, OPICO is launching a micro-granule applicator - the Micro Pro 16 – developed for applying Avadex, and designed to ensure an accurate spread pattern is achieved: in independent tests a Micro Pro16 recorded a 5.36% coefficient of variation, making it one of the most accurate applicators on the market. As a stand-alone applicator it can be fitted onto a variety of machines making it a very versatile option for applying micro-granules.

The Micro Pro 16, as its name suggests, has 16 outlets, and can be used to spread up to a maximum width of 12.5m. At their widest setting the outlets are spaced at 75cm and still achieve a robust double overlapping spread pattern. Each outlet is fed by an individual metering roller hence ensuring even micro-granule distribution across the entire working width. 

At LAMMA, OPICO will be displaying a Micro Pro 16 boomed applicator – suitable to fit onto small tractors of 80hp and upwards. The lightweight chassis and suspended 12m boom allows micro-granules to be spread as a separate operation to maximise application output and optimise timing. This is also available as a trailed chassis for towing behind utility vehicles or similar.

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “Precision is absolutely key when applying micro-granules like Avadex to a crop. The Micro Pro 16’s individual metering and double-overlapping spread pattern ensure that distribution is precise. In addition, application rate can be precisely controlled via radar and electronic metering.” 

The Micro Pro 16 applicator costs £9,946 + VAT, and the 12m boomed applicator on display at LAMMA costs £13,931 + VAT. For more information visit the OPICO stand [G45]