Magna Diesel Dryer

Magna Diesel Grain Dryer

Why consider an OPICO MAGNA Diesel Grain Dryer?
Duax Heat Core  

Duax Heat Core

The Magna dryer incorporates unique heat retaining bricks that ensure a more even
and consistent drying temperature and a clean burn.

Save up to 10% - OPICO Magna Dryer  

Save up to 10%

Save up to 10% on diesel costs as the burner modulates from high to idle flame and the heat bricks retain a more even temperature.

OPICO Dryer Support  

Unrivalled Support

An unrivaled experienced and expert team of installation and back up service engineers and local dealer service. Since 2000,
more than 250 dealer service engineers have been trained through OPICO's practical 2-day course.

Drying Zone - Dryers  

High Throughput

The larger the plenum area the higher the drying capacity & higher the throughput. OPICO dryers have a proportionally
larger plenum chamber than other dryers.

Improved Seed Sample  

Improved Sample

The drying process removes chaff, weed seeds and broken grains; grain is also cleaned and polished thereby improving
bushel weight. Farmers can also opt for a SkyVac extractor.

Sleep whilst you dry - OPICO Dryers  

Sleep whilst you dry

Fully automated models are available to give operators greater flexibility and control. SMS text messaging system forewarns
when the drying cycle is near completion.

OPICO Stainless Dryer  

Extended Life

Since 2017 all Magna dryers have been built with even better longevity as components in corrosion susceptible areas have either
been galvanised, or replaced with stainless steel.

OPICO Heat Brick - Dryers  


Unique heat retaining bricks, similar to a storage heater, are at the heart of the diesel fuelled Magna dryer range.

Order Now Pay Later  

Order Now Pay Later

Get the dryer you want to be delivered in good time and pay once harvest has been
gathered in:

  • Order by 1st December 2017
  • Delivery June 2018
  • Payment September 2018

* 10% deposit required on placement of order. Full terms and conditions are available on our website.


Contact OPICO on 01778 421111 

or your local OPICO Grain Dryer dealer for more information


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